Shinmuryō Dōjō Ninjutsu | Denshō Series

I was born in Santo André city – SP on February 17th of 1979.

I had my first contact with Martial Arts at the age of 4, practicing Jūdō for 2 years.
At 11 years old I practiced Tae Kwon Do for 6 months.
When I was 13 I practiced Kung-Fu Shaolin for 4 and a half years.
On January 9th, 1999, days before my 20th birthday, I began the practice of Ninjutsu Bujinkan in São Paulo, as a student of Shidōshi-Ho Jefferson Flausino (today no longer belonging to Bujinkan).
In 2004 I became a student of Shidōshi-Ho Climério Santos, but he had to move out of state in 2006, so in the same year I became a student of Shidōshi Roberto Correa (currently Dai-Shihan).
In 2013 I became a student of Shihan Christian Petroccello (currently Dai-Shihan).
In 2021 I became a disciple of Dai-Shihan Alejandro García.

On February 21, 2010 I received from Dai-Shihan Christian Petroccello, the name of my Dōjō:
Shinmuryō Dōjō (Place where the Truth without Measure is studied).

In 2012 I started teaching in São Caetano do Sul – SP and I also have disciples in other states of Brazil, where I travel periodically to give intensive training and seminars.

Fui pioneiro no Brasil a criar livros de material de estudos das técnicas com explicações passo-a-passo da Bujinkan (Denshō por escrito), assim como o site de streaming Denshō Series.

Visando a necessidade de pessoas que precisam focar em aprender a se defender de uma maneira mais rápida e eficiente, criei o sistema de defesa pessoal Goshindō (Caminho da Defesa Pessoal). O Goshindō  é como uma versão japonesa do Krav Maga.

I am always updating myself through research and studies about the schools taught in Bujinkan, com o objetivo de ministrar e ensinar da forma mais eficiente e inspirar os alunos a permanecerem no caminho das Artes Marciais.

The Bujinkan cultivates peace and harmony among human beings through the study of Martial Arts, their historical origin and their cultural traditions.

The main weapon of a Budōka is your heart; with him, the bonds of friendship are created among the practitioners and the Budō is developed with even greater joy.

This feeling, undoubtedly, is one of the main focuses of the Bujinkan Dōjō.

For a long time, my students from other places have asked me for video support because the distance prevents more frequent contact. 

Responding to this request, I decided to use technology to their advantage to help them when my presence was not possible.

So I developed this website and started producing quality work in order to somehow bridge that distance and it is clear that the purpose of this website became to help not only in the training of my students, but also of all Bujinkan practitioners who need to improve their knowledge.

I hope my experience can contribute to your teachings. 

The amount charged for access is a way to help me keep this project active, as the investment was high to make this possible in our country.

In advance, I thank each of you who can collaborate. 

Strengthening the material contained herein in any way replace the practice in a Dōjō under the guidance of a qualified instructor. Personal training under the guidance of an instructor is key to better development.

Shihan Galleni Junior